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Top Interview Questions

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What was one of the hardest decisions you have ever had to make?

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your last position?

Give me an example of when you led or supervised others.

What gives you the most satisfaction at work?

Tell me about a difficult decision you had to make for work.  How did you make it?

Tell me about a time when you were in a high-pressure situation. How did you handle it?

What was your most significant achievement in your last position?

What is the most important thing you are looking for in a job?

Why are you interested in working for this company?

What professional organizations do you belong to? Are you active in them?

Tell me about your customer service skills.  Give me an example of a time when you gave superior customer service.

How do you deal with conflict? Give an example of how you have handled a conflict situation recently.

Why do you think we should hire you for this position?

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