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Negotiate Yourself Into a Better Career

Your current position may not be your dream job, but you you may be able to negotiate your way into one you like better. Most job positions aren't written in stone, and if you have the creativity to suggest changes that benefit both you and your employer, you may be able to create a position that helps you realize your career dreams.

Once you have a career plan, it's easy to identify the areas you need to strengthen to move to the next level.  You may have to look outside of your current place of employment for some of these, especially if additional training is required.   However, there may be opportunities to make changes to your existing position that will help you build new skills and make your job more rewarding.

Getting the Work You Want

Think about what types of responsibilities you would like to have and what kind of experience you will need to show to get to the next level in your career.  If you hope to move into a management role, you may want to take on more responsibilities that show your ability to manage projects. If you are interested in one day becoming a graphic designer, you may want to have some professional graphic design work to add to your portfolio.

Identify opportunities in your present company where these skills could be of use and volunteer to take them on.  If you are interested in graphic design, offer to produce a company newsletter that is usually outsourced to a local graphics shop.  The company will save money, you'll get some great samples for your portfolio, and a portion of your workweek will now be spent on what you want to do most.  Perhaps more important, people will see your competence in this area and start to think of you as a graphic designer.  If an opportunity comes up for graphic design work, your name will come to mind.

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