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10 Interview Blunders To Avoid 10 Interview Blunders to Avoid

Bombing in a job interview is something every job-seeker fears. When tensions are high, it's easy to make a careless mistake or omission that has unexpected consequences. Check out this list of tragic but avoidable blunders and learn a few tips on how to stay out of your own way on your next job interview.

1. Not Showing Up On Time

Do whatever you need to do to make sure you get to your interview on time, and build in a little bit of cushion time for the commute for any unexpected delays you might encounter like heavy traffic.   Showing up late never looks good, no matter what the reason! 

2. Sharing Your Weaknesses

When your interviewer asks you what some of your weaknesses are, for goodness sake don't tell them.  Say something that's not really a weakness like you work too hard or you're a perfectionist. It's a trick question and if you answer it honestly it will count against you.  Weird but true.

3. Not Respecting the Person in Charge

Don't make assumptions about people's roles based on their age, gender, race, or attire. The cute blonde in the corner you assume is the secretary may be the Vice President, and the little Hispanic man in the blue work shirt may be the CEO.  Give everyone you meet during your interview visit your full attention and respect.

4. Getting Caught in a Lie (Or a Half-Truth)

Never exaggerate or misrepresent your skills, experience, or professional and educational background.  These types of deceptions are quickly uncovered by an interviewer familiar with the industry and the marketplace, and will earn you a poor reputation that could hurt your career well into the future.

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