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10 Interview Blunders to Avoid

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5. Cutting Off the Interviewer

When you are nervous and anxious to share how qualified you are for the job, it's easy to get on a roll.  Make sure you don't cut off your interviewer in the process.  They probably won't remember what you said, but they will remember that you cut them off.  If you do this by accident, you can recover if stop, apologize, and give the floor back to the interviewer.

6. Giving Too Much Information

The fact that you think your current boss is an idiot and the two of you got into an argument this morning is irrelevant in the job interview - so please don't share it.  You only want to provide information that will help you get a job offer, so don't volunteer additional information that could hurt your chances.

7. Talking Money too Soon

Your job in the interview is to convince the interviewer to want to hire you.  Once you are extended an offer you can negotiate your salary.  Talking about salary in the interview won't help you get an offer, so use that time to showcase your skills and experience instead.

8. Arguing With the Interviewer

If you have a strong opinion about an industry trend or current event and find that your interviewer has a differing opinion, just let it go.   Don't try to lock horns and argue down their position. You might win your point, but you sure won't win the job.

9. Forgetting to Bring Copies of Your Resume

You never know how many people you will be meeting with, and your interviewer may not have a copy of your resume handy.  Make life easier for yourself and them by bringing enough so that you'll have a copy to use as your guide in the interview and you'll be able to hand extras out to as many people as you need to.

10. Dressing Inappropriately

Even if you won't be wearing a suit and tie to work if you get the job, you will need to dress professionally for the interview.  Although it may be unintentional, a candidate who isn't dressed appropriately for an interview sends a message of flippancy and disrespect. Send a message that says you are professional and competent by wearing appropriate business attire to the interview.

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