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How to Dress for an Interview

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Ladies, don’t bring a purse if it doesn’t 100% match the outfit or looks at all worn or dirty.  Unless you really need it, leave it in the car.  Designer bags are fine, but make sure it’s the real deal.  By now many people can spot a fake Louis Vuitton from across the block, and that’s not the impression you want to make. 


You are going to need something to carry copies of your resume, pens and paper, letters or reference and any other items you will be bringing to the interview. This should look as good as every other part of your interview outfit and be in a color that coordinates with it.  A leather portfolio with a tablet is a good lightweight option for carrying your materials.  If you will be bringing a briefcase, take a high quality leather or fabric tote or messenger bag.  Stay away from the big boxy old-fashioned briefcases and anything in fake leather. As with everything else, make sure that it doesn’t look scuffed, worn, or dirty.


Guys, if you have one belt you wear rain or shine you’re going to have to leave it at home for the interview.  You need to invest in a good quality belt to go with that fabulous suit and/or business casual outfit unless you want your million dollar outfit will look like something from a thrift store.  Pick something that will go well with the shoes you will be wearing like a black leather belt with a simple buckle.  If you already have a belt you could wear, give it a good visual inspection to make sure that the metal color is consistent on the buckle (it hasn’t worn off in any areas) and that the leather on the belt isn’t cracked or worn looking anywhere.  If it doesn’t look perfect, get a new one to wear just on interviews.

Jewelry and Watches

Ladies, if you will be wearing jewelry, keep it simple & well matched for the interview. Don’t wear a lot of different pieces that don’t go together, or, for that matter, a lot of different pieces that do go together. Keep it simple so the focus will be on you and your skills, not your accessories.   

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