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Write A Resume That Will Get You Noticed Write A Resume That Will Get You Noticed

A good resume is your key to being considered for the jobs you want, so you'll want to make sure yours represents you well.  Having a resume that gets you noticed all boils down to being clear, concise and professional.  The following tips will help you create a resume that gets you noticed.

Be Clear About What You Want

Make it easy for hiring managers and Human Resource personnel to figure out where you would fit by having a clear objective statement at the top of your resume that matches the position you are applying for.  Stay away from vague objectives like this one:

Objective: A position in a progressive company that where I can use my skills and experience to our mutual benefit.

Objective statements like the one above are confusing. They require the reader to scan the entire resume to figure out what type of job the applicant is qualified for. With a vague objective statement like this, the resume may be misrouted to the wrong department, never to be seen by the manager hiring for the position you want. Of course, you will have also stated what position you are interested in your cover letter, but these pages may become separated. Play it safe by using an objective statement that clearly spells your intention like this one:

Objective: A position as a Sr. Sales Representative

With a clear objective statement like the one above, your resume will land on the desk of the person in charge of filling the Sr. Sales Representative opening, and that person will know what specific opening you are applying for.

Keep it Brief

There are different schools of thought as to how long a resume should be, and this does vary from industry to industry. Take a look at examples from your field to get a feel for what the norm is.  For most jobs in most industries, however, one page is the standard except for very senior level positions. Try to state your duties and accomplishments briefly and clearly. Give the most detail about your most recent positions, and scale back as you move backward in the chronology of your experience. 

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