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Writing A Great Interview Thank You Letter Writing a Great Interview Thank You Letter

After your interview it's essential that you follow up with your interviewer with a thank you note. This often-forgotten step will remind the interviewer of both your interest and your professionalism.  Sending the right letter at the right time will help ensure that your name comes to mind when the hiring decision is being made.

Only a small percentage of candidates bother to send a thank you letter after they complete an interview, which makes the candidates who do send a note of thanks look all the better. Stock up on some attractive high quality thank-you cards and stamps in advance so you'll be prepared to drop an impressive follow-up note on a moment's notice. You'll want to send your thanks the old fashioned way - in the mail.  E-mails are nice but they are quickly deleted. An attractive card is more likely to be saved and may even be propped up on the interviewer's desk as a silent reminder of your great interview when the hiring decision is made.

Here are tips for sending a thank you letter that is sure to impress:

Send your thank you note the day of the interview.

You never know when the hiring decision will be made. You'll want to make sure your card arrives there right away as a reminder of your professionalism and your interest.

Send an attractive card.

Find something is businesslike and worthy of saving. You want the interviewer to hang on to the card and be reminded of you.

Say something real.

Make a reference or two to something that was discussed with the interviewer. You want your note to sound genuine and personal, not mass-produced and generic.

Be generous with your thanks.

Send a note of thanks to everyone you met with on your interview visit, not just the hiring manager. You want the support of everyone in your quest for a job offer.

Write your note by hand.

A handwritten note seems more personal than one generated from the computer.

Don't forget to proofread.

Have someone look over the note before you mail it to make sure there are no spelling errors.  If you do find a mistake, start again on a fresh card.

A note of thanks from the heart is always well received.   In addition to your interviewers, you will want to give thanks to the friends, colleaguesmentors and recruiters who assist you in your quest for opportunities that will lead you to your career goal.

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