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A Good Recruiter Can Help You Land A Great Job A Good Recruiter Can Help You Land A Great Job

Looking for a way to add more steam to your job search?  Consider working with an executive recruiter familiar with your industry.  A good recruiter can help you find opportunities you might not be able to find on your own, and since they don't get paid until you're employed, they're highly motivated to help you land a job.

Working with one or more reputable recruiters can really help you land interviews that map to the exact position you are looking for.  Recruiters are engaged by the employer to fill open positions, and the recruiter will act as a go-between between you and the employer until you sit down to interview.

Often, a recruiter will contact you because they saw your resume posted online or referred to you by someone in the industry familiar with your work, like a colleague or mentor.  They will meet with you to get an idea of your skills and background as well as the types of jobs you are interested in interviewing for. (Since the recruiter is only paid after you are employed, they will only want to send you on interviews for jobs you are likely to accept.)

Once the recruiter knows a little bit about you and what you have to offer, he or she may forward your resume to the clients with positions that match what you want and your professional qualifications. In addition to sending the resume, the recruiter will often call or send an e-mail to the client with a "pitch" that includes their personal impressions of you. 

When you are offered an interview by one of the recruiter's client companies, the recruiter can often help you prepare by offering valuable insights about the company, what they are looking for, the roles of key players in the organization, and how best to position yourself to get an offer.  Some recruiters even want you to role-play with them and step through a mock interview before the actual interview takes place so they can coach and strengthen your interview skills.

Working with recruiters is a great way to land high quality interviews.  Recruiters have a great incentive to want to place you, which means they help you land interviews where you are both likely to be extended an offer and likely to want to accept. Reputable recruiters are paid by the employer, usually after you are hired. Reputable professional recruiters will never ask the job-seeker to pay for recruiting services. 

The best time to work with a recruiter is when you are currently employed.  Keep yourself in front of the hiring world by having your resume available online, and reach out to recruiters in your industry who may be able to help you.  To increase your chances of landing your target position, work with multiple recruiters to maximize your exposure in the marketplace. With the help of a few top-notch recruiters, you'll be in a great position to land a job that matches what you are looking for.

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