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How To Write A Great Cover Letter How to Write a Great Cover Letter

A good resume can look even better when it's accompanied by a great cover. A well written and thoughtful cover letter can keep your resume out of the circular file and can help you get noticed for the job you want. Since you can't hand deliver your resume and explain in person how perfect you are for the job, you'll need to learn how to craft this message into your cover letter so your resume will get the attention it deserves.

Many job applicants fail to include a cover letter with their resume.  Without a cover letter all the Interviewer or Human Resources manager has to go on is a list of facts about your experience and qualifications.  They may not be able to tell how relevant your experience is to the position they are hiring for, and they sure won't know how interested you are in the company and the position from your resume alone. A good cover letter will help your resume get noticed and will give your prospective employers a better feel for who you are and why you would fit well in the position. A well crafted cover letter can:
  • Help explain your skills and experience and how they apply to the job
  • Explain gaps in your resume that might otherwise land it in the trash bin
  • Give your prospective employer a feel for your personality
  • Add a personal, human touch to an otherwise impersonal resume
  • Demonstrate your interest in this particular job and company

Writing a good cover letter isn't as difficult as it may seem.  Basically, it is just a standard business letter with a few short paragraphs describing your interest in the position and why you feel you would be a particularly good match for the current job opening.  The key to writing a good cover letter is to make sure it's original and speaks to the position you want to be considered for.

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