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Write A Resume That Will Get You Noticed

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Leave White Space

You want to make sure your resume is easy to read at a glance because if it isn't easy to read, it won't get read.  Human Resource departments get flooded with responses when they post positions, and they need to scan resumes quickly to decide what action to take with them.  It's easy for them to overlook key information on a jumbled or crowded resume, which could take you out of the running for the job you want.  Format your resume with indentations and leave space between big blocks of text so the reader's eye is guided to the information you want to highlight.  Also, be sure to use large enough font to re read easily.  An 11 or 12 point font is standard.

Spelling and Grammar

It's easy to overlook errors in your own resume simply because you are too familiar with it.  Before you share your resume with the world at large or post it online, run a spellchecker program on it to catch any spelling errors and have a few people proofread it to find any other errors or inconsistencies you may have missed. If English is a second language for you, and one you don't feel completely confident with, be sure to get some additional assistance with your proofreading from someone in a position to help.

Resume Words that Sell

You want your prospective employer to be as excited about you as a candidate as you are about the job.  Take full credit for your work by using strong verbs that really convey your experience and accomplishments.  Use our list of resume phrases to find ideas for better ways to clearly communicate the significance of your achievements.

Consider Outsourcing

If after all this work you still don't love what you see, consider getting your resume professionally written.  Just because resume writing isn't your strong suit doesn't mean your job search should suffer.  For a small fee you can get an expert resume that you can be proud of  - without all the hard labor of pulling it together yourself.  Listings for resume writing services can be found in the links section.

Tell Them Where to Reach You

Last but not least, make sure your contact information is clearly spelled out at the top of your resume.  If you have multiple pages, make sure you include it at the top of each one in case they become separated.  Having a great resume won't do you much good if your contact information is insufficient or out of date. Make sure whoever reads your resume can tell exactly how to reach you.

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