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10 Easy Tips for Staying on Track With Your Career Plan

Building your career is a long term goal, and you need to keep your milestones in mind if you are going to reach your final destination.  Creating a career plan will give you the framework for making the best career choices, but it will only help you if you stay on course.  Here are ten tips for sticking with it for the long haul.

1. Give Yourself Quarterly Reviews

Set aside an hour or two every three months to look at your plan and review your progress. This will help you appreciate what you have accomplished so far and keep you focused on what you'll want to accomplish in the next quarter.

2. Give Your Plan An Annual Tune-Up

At least once a year, give your career plan a top-to-bottom review.  Industries, markets, and technologies change, so you'll want to adjust your plan to reflect those changes.  Make sure your milestones for your target positions accurately reflect what the market currently wants.

3. Honor Your Timelines

If you only intended to stay in a certain job role for two years and you're getting close to that mark, take action.  Start circulating your resume and positioning yourself for your next move.  You can't get to the finish line if you aren't moving forward.

4. Be Accountable to Someone Else

Entrust someone else with keeping you accountable, like a career coach or mentor. Make sure you give this responsibility to someone who will be diligent and won't be afraid of upsetting you by nagging. Knowing you have someone else to answer to for your progress can be a huge motivator.

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