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10 Easy Tips for Staying on Track With Your Career Plan

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5. Keep Your Plan Where You Can See It

Keep your plan somewhere where you can look at it often. Let it be a silent reminder of the things you want to accomplish.

6. Schedule Time For Skill-Building

Set aside time each week to develop key skill areas you need to work on so you will be continually making progress toward your goals.  Learn to honor your time commitments to yourself so you won't get behind.

7. Break Milestones into Manageable Tasks

Break your high-level milestones into their component parts so they will be more manageable for you to work on. Concentrating on individual tasks makes working towards your milestones less overwhelming and easier to tackle.

8. Learn From Every Setback

Success is never won without a few stumbling blocks the way. Learn to see the inevitable setbacks and obstacles as opportunities for learning and growth.  Analyze your experiences to find changes you can make to get back on track and avoid future disappointments.

9. Tell The World About Your Plans And Progress

Share your goals, plans, and updates on your progress with your friends, family, mentors, and fellow professionals.  When everyone knows your plans, you have a sense of accountability as well as a network of people who can be on the lookout for opportunities that can help you on your way.

10. Celebrate Every Success

Let yourself feel proud of your achievements. Take time out to celebrate the successful completion of your tasks and milestones as you journey towards your eventual goal.  Schedule rewards for yourself when you accomplish key objectives. Taking time to acknowledge your successes will help put you in the right mindset to achieve even more.

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