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Conduct An Effective Job Search Online Conduct an Effective Job Search Online

Gone are the days of wading through the want ads in the Sunday paper searching through tiny job listings in hopes of finding your next career opportunity.  Today, anyone with an e-mail address and an internet connection can do a highly targeted efficient job search online.

Thanks to the internet, job-seekers no longer need to wade through pages of irrelevant job listings searching for career opportunities. Online job sites turn the tables so the listings you want come to you. Use the following techniques to conduct an effective job search online.

Post Your Resume

Once you have your resume polished, share it with the world - literally - by posting it online on the major job sites.  (Check our links section for a list of places where you can search for jobs and post your resume for free.)   Different sites have different customization options that allow you choose how much of your contact information is displayed.  Some sites even allow you to "hide" your resume from your present employer. Posting your resume online will help you get the attention of recruiters as well as hiring managers.

Enlist the Help of Robots

Many job sites let you set up "robots" that will e-mail you new job listings every week.  You can be very specific about what types of jobs you want to hear about and can usually customize how frequently you receive new e-mails. Using robots can dramatically cut down on the time it takes to locate relevant career opportunities.

Different Resumes for Different Audiences

If you are interested in different types of opportunities (for instance, you would consider jobs in both sales and marketing) make a different resume for each target opportunity to post online so you'll be sure to foster attention from both audiences. A resume targeted for a specific job title will get more results than one with a more general focus.

Company Sites

In addition to posting on employment sites, consider posting your resume on company web sites that allow posting.  Even if there are no relevant job opportunities currently listed, companies often retain submitted resumes for consideration for openings that come up in the future.

Blast Your Resume for Maximum Exposure.

If you really want to move things into high gear, consider using a "resume blasting" service. These are companies who can instantly distribute your resume to thousands of employers, recruiters, and job sites.  For a listing of resume blasting services, check our links section.

Update Often

To keep your online resumes in front of employer's eyes, update them often.  A resume that was last updates six months ago is less likely to get calls - the employer has no idea if you are still in the market or not. To keep your resumes looking "fresh," visit every two weeks or so and make an edit so it will look active and current.

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