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Network Your Way to a New Career Position

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Add More Friends to the List

Because networking is so valuable, people often attend events for this specific reason.  Attending networking events relevant to your goals and career and being active in professional organizations are two great ways to find people to add to your list of professional contacts.  When you meet someone you would like to keep in contact with, trade business cards so you will be able to remember their name and will have their contact information. Remember to follow up within a week of meeting them, just to say hi.  You're more likely to be remembered by them later on if you do.

Give Updates and Touch Base

If you want your network to be there for you, make sure you touch base from time to time, not just when you need help.  This can be a simple e-mail from time to time or a forwarded joke or article that made you think of them.   When someone in your network helps you out by offering a suggestion, making an introduction, or in any other way, make sure you give thanks promptly and generously whether the lead turned out or not.  People are more likely to help you when they know their efforts are truly appreciated.

Networks Get Jobs

The larger and more loyal your personal network is, the better your chances are of attaining your career goals.  Having a strong network is like having your own personal sales force that has access to information an opportunities you alone do not. Set aside some time each week to further develop your contact base and to check in with the existing members of your personal network, and you will be able increase your effectiveness tenfold.

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