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Deciding Your Career Goals

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Do you like competition? Do you like to work with a team?  Are you on the shy side or do you like meeting new people regularly? Do you like working out logic puzzles? Do you love being outdoors?  Make a list of words that describe what you find most enjoyable about your hobbies and interests. These will help you identify careers that align well with activities that interest you.

3. Know what you don't like.

Think about the jobs you've had that weren't your favorites. Write down what it was that you didn't like about them.  Expand your thoughts to include other life experiences and think about the types of tasks and responsibilities you would prefer not to have.  If you don't like sitting meetings you probably won't want to go into management.  Similarly, if you don't like working with the public, you will want to steer away from positions that require a lot of public contact.  This list will help you evaluate possible career paths to ensure that they line up with the things you like, and don't require many of the things you don't.

4. What are you good at?

We're all blessed with a few things we do a little bit better than everyone else. Think about the things that you can do easily and well.   Are you a good writer? Are you great at diffusing conflict between people? Are you a master party planner?  Are you great at organizing things?  Jot down a list of some of your natural abilities and talents.  This will help you identify career paths that leverage your talent and that you can excel at easily.

5. Who are you, anyway?

A good way to get perspective on your interests, talents, and possible career paths is to take an assessment.  There are some great tools that are widely used for just that purpose in schools and companies, such as the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and the Strong Interest Survey. Check our links section for companies that provide career assessment testing. Taking assessments like these can give you some valuable and unexpected insights into who you are and what you like.

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