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Deciding Your Career Goals

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6. Consider your education and experience.

Think about the training and experience you have accumulated so far.  What job roles have you had? What volunteer work have you done? Do you have any degrees or certifications? Are there any other classes you have taken, even just for fun?  Jot these down and think about what other directions these can take you in.  Think about any careers and industries these might be useful for.

7. Put it all together.

By now you should be armed with quite a few pages of information about yourself.  Review the work you've done then --without stopping to think or second guess yourself--  take five minutes to quickly jot down a list of one hundred jobs you think would be fun.  Don't stop to consider whether they are realistic or not, just write - quickly.  When you're done speedwriting, look at what you came up with.  Were there any surprises?  Review this list and pick out the ten that most sound like  careers you would like to see yourself in.

8. Research the possibilities.

Now it's time to hit the web and see what these jobs are really like.  Go to your favorite search engine and do some digging to find out a little more about each career in your top ten list.  At a minimum, you'll want to know:

>What are the salary ranges for positions in this career area?

>What is the typical career path?

>What skills and training will you need?

>Are there many jobs in this career area, or very few?

>Is this a career area you can explore from where you currently live, or will you need to relocate?

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