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Who are the officers of the company? Do they have bios online? Who is the Officer most likely to be in charge of the area you will be working in?

What is their mission statement? Do they have an “About Us” page? What values do they say they hold?

Do they have a “News & Press Releases” section? What are some of the recent announcements they have made?  What newsworthy things have they done recently that have earned them press coverage?

Do they have a job postings section? What else can you learn about the position you are applying for? What other openings do they have? What are some of the other department names in the company? Who are some of the other managers? What can you learn about the functions of other departments and business units based on the text in the other job opening listings?

How do they see themselves? Are they a young, entrepreneurial company on the cutting edge? Are they a solid traditional company proud of their history of success and excellence?

Can you pick up some of the company lingo?  What are some key words, phrases, and acronyms you see on their site? What are some of their product names? Do they have any trademarks or service marks?

A good website can help you better understand the company and how it works. Although most companies have websites with a wealth of information available, the majority of job candidates fail to spend any time on them prior to coming in for an interview. What a shame. Taking the time to do this research will take at most an hour of your time.   If you do the work and can apply it well during your interview, it can give you an advantage over competing applicants who may have more education, more skills, and years more experience than you.

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