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Search the Web for Other Information

Now that you know what the company has to say about itself, it’s time to find out what the rest of the world has to say about them.  Type the company name into your favorite search engine and surf around in the links that come up.  You’re not looking for anything specific here, just trying to get more information to give you a good overall picture of the company.  Some of the things you might find are: 

        Announcements of promotions in the organization

        Rants from disgruntled ex-employees

        Information about reorganizations, layoffs, or mergers

        Interviews with company executives

        Resumes of former employees

        Web sites of the company’s customers

        Stock or earnings announcements

        Information on legal issues the company is or has been involved with

        Charities and programs the organization supports

This list is just an example.  The web is a chaotic collection of tidbits from a number of sources and from different periods in time, so you’ll get a mixed bag of information.  Keep in mind that some of the items you pull up will be very out of date, and others may not be reliable at all.  What you’re looking for here is additional insider information that will help you understand the company and how it works.  The company website is not going to tell you about the big layoff they had in 1998 or the legal battle they had with a competing company over a key product.  These are things you will want to know about before you sit down for your interview.

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