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Preparing for the Interview to Get a Competitive Edge

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Now that you’ve put in a good hour or so on the web and made a couple of calls you should know quite a bit about your prospective employer.  Here’s how you can translate that information into a competitive edge during the interview: 

Putting a Spin on Your Skills and Experience:

Now that you know a bit about the company, you can speak about your skills and experience in a way that shows how it is relevant to the current company and position.  Some examples: 

  • When asked about your most recent position you can tell the interviewer how you worked on developing a product that is similar in many ways to the ABC product in this company.
  • You can say that your last employer didn’t have a separate Project Management department, but that you think it’s a great idea and are happy to see that they have one because it will really help facilitate your work in this position.
  • You can use their words and jargon when you explain your previous responsibilities. If you know that the Information Systems department is called “The MIS department” at this company, and that your former position would be called a “Programmer level II” here, you would say “I was the equivalent of  a Level Two Programmer in the MIS department at my last company.”
  • You can talk about similarities between the responsibilities you had at your last job and the ones you hope to have in the new position, even if they aren’t the same exact role.
  • You can make statements about how how your skills, talents and other attributes contribute to things you know they find important such as “I’m used to working on tight deadlines, and I know that’s important around here,”  or “I understand that I’ll probably need to work some overtime around peak times, and that’s something I’m comfortable with.”

These are just a few general examples, but you get the idea.  Find ways to demonstrate that you understand the business and what it needs, and come up with relevant experiences that you can share that show your interviewer how what you bring to the table is a good fit based on what you know of the company and the position.

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