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Asking Intelligent Questions of the Interviewer 

Often, after the interviewer has asked all of the questions they have prepared for you, they will turn the floor over to you and ask if you have any questions for them.  This is another place where you can let your knowledge about the company shine.  The average candidate who has not prepared may ask a question like “Do you promote from within?” Since you have already done some research on the subject, you can ask a question like “I understand that the XYZ company likes to promote from within.  If I wanted to move into a Level Three position in a couple of years, does the company offer any training programs that could help me get there?”   As you can see, this question is not only more engaging for the interviewer, it shows off your knowledge and helps the interviewer to visualize you as a company employee.

A Boost in Confidence

Last and certainly not least, doing your homework will give you an edge because you will walk in the door with more confidence. Researching a company before you go to the interview would be worth it for this reason alone. An hour or two spent on the web and talking to friends will set you apart from candidates who haven't put in this work, and it could be just the thing that lands you an offer.

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